How could blogs be used?

A few weeks ago we visited Montpelier Primary School and asked a range of pupils for their opinions and knowledge of digital technology devices, as well as E-Safety.

We then split into groups and analysed a key component of the data. My group, Emma, Lisa, Lewis and I investigated the children’s responses to the question ‘How could you use a blog at school’. We categorised the answers and produced an Infographic, which visually displayed the results we found.

 This graphic shows that a lot of the children were unaware of how to use a blog, which is understandable. It really would add to the children’s learning though if they were able to publicise their thoughts and what they have learnt and invite discussion on a particular topic.

We also created a wordle for the same question where the responses children gave are grouped together to produce a visual word cloud. This is a very catchy graphic and can be viewed via the link below.

wordle of words associated with how a blog can be used in school

I’m delighted that I’ve been made aware of another valuable learning tool which is eye catching and imaginative.

Alex 🙂

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3 Responses to How could blogs be used?

  1. Hi Alex

    Thanks for the post! I think teachers often provide ‘things’ for their learners yet fail to support their learners in using them. The fact that 50% didn’t know what to do with them strikes a chord with my experiences when I stated blogging with my pupils 3 years ago.

    Blogging needed nurturing, ideas needed sharing, it needed an investment of time. Get it right and the results will blow a teacher’s mind!

    Well done on getting blogging going on a personal level! Just wait until you unleash the power in the classroom! You’ve already started that journey, I wish you well but I ask one thing…

    Keep sharing your links! I’ll be reading!

    David Mitchell

    • adruce says:

      Thanks for your feedback and comments, they’re much appreciated. Yes, the potential of blogging is huge if children can be made aware of their benefits. I will continue to post blogs on topics of note.


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