Bett 2013 – A prodigious experience

Several weeks ago I was offered the opportunity of travelling to the BETT Show at the Excel Centre, London to attend what is a trade show where technological companies showcase technology that can be used to enhance the quality, effectiveness and enjoyment of learning. At this event, I was also offered the chance to give a presentation on ‘What does it mean to be a digitally literate teacher?’

I grabbed this chance straight away as I’m someone who loves a challenge and likes to get involved in as much as I can, knowing it can only benefit me. Our group of 4 prepared a presentation of about 45 minutes and we delivered it to about 100 people. This was a little daunting beforehand but we soon adapted and spoke confidently and did ourselves justice. Tyla introduced the talk, giving an overview of the importance of being digitally literate and emphasizing not to be left behind by failing to become familiar with technology. Aaron and Alice then spoke about the good and bad novelty of mobile phones and Ipads and balanced their arguments well, whilst using a lot of audience interaction such as asking if people would feel lost without their mobiles or electronic devices! Then I talked about social networking and the benefits and risks it brings for both teachers and pupils and I also highlighted how it had personally helped me tremendously so far in the course. We were all pleased with how the presentation went and were even asked to speak at the Pelecon International Event in Plymouth in April.

When we were looking around the various pitches of companies in the show, we were stunned to hear that some companies had paid £800,000 just for the pitch for 4 days. This really struck me as to how much money is involved in technology and the potential for them to make massive profits if their product is shown off widely and is effective. I picked up some good ideas of software and equipment I could implement in my future practice in classrooms. The whole overall experience was fantastic and I’m glad I volunteered to get involved. It has helped to build a larger Personal Learning Network and I have gained a lot of experience from it.


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