Proactive learning – It’s the only path to go on!

Over the past few months, I’ve kind of neglected this blog so I’ve decided to dive in early early and get it up running again! I had the most enjoyable and productive placement in Exeter at the back end of last term, and got experience of another delightful school, which was very welcoming. I was also learning off an extremely experienced teacher, who freely admitted she has got as many things wrong as she has right over the years and has evaluated and changed her practice from these moments. It’s important to know that for any first years joining, you will make mistakes and these are not terminal, but are opportunities to do things better next time and as a result become a better teacher.

Another piece of advice to newcomers is to grasp any opportunity that is hung by a thread near you. You will regularly be presented a chance to get involved with events and they are amazing, in terms of taking your learning and personal experiences to a new level. For example last year, I spoke at 2 conferences (BETT and PeLECON) about the role of social networking in support of learning. I was never the most confident person going but these were unbelievable experiences for me, in terms of specialist subject content and knowledge and boosting my confidence and teaching profile. It doesn’t have to be speaking in front of 100 people, it may just be volunteering to hep at an E-Safety event or run a sports training session in a local school.ย 

This year I have already got back in the deep end, helping out at a Kids meet in the graduation marquee on the Hoe, which coincidentally doesn’t seem too far off now! Children from the Dawlish learning partnership came along and saw what different technologies can do to support their learning. I manned Google Docs and was particularly pleased and surprised, due to all the flashy things like animation, Ipads and Scratch, to hear that children were very impressed and eager to see Google Docs used in their schools, perhaps as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

Anyway I’ll sign off now. I’m pleased to be starting second year and will ensure I continue to build on last year and further my bank of knowledge even more. Thanks for reading and good luck to any first years reading this!

Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 Responses to Proactive learning – It’s the only path to go on!

  1. Love reading blogs by people who have already experienced their first year (and many years after that!) Makes me excited for what kind of journey I will be going on! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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