Time is a thing like a bird on a wing!


Time management is often put forward as one of the most important things to get right early on as a teacher. Such is the significant workload, there comes a point when the number of tasks can weigh a teacher down and have a negative influence on the quality of their teaching.

I am determined to ensure my time management is effective from the beginning of my teaching career as I have had an insight into taking responsibility for everything already from my placements. As a result, I have done some research and background reading to pick up some vital tips which can help me to achieve a balance between work and home life, as well as ensuring children receive the best possible teaching and feedback.

time 2

Despite this, I am now interested in gaining some top tips from my peers and teachers who have had experience dealing with this increasingly pertinent issue. I would be really grateful for your responses and look forward to reading and acting upon them.

Alex 🙂

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2 Responses to Time is a thing like a bird on a wing!

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  2. ijstock says:

    At the risk of sounding like an old cynic, I suggest you defend your non-working time to the hilt. A rested teacher is a better teacher.

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