Sutton needs you!

I work for a non-profit organisation that is lottery funded, called the Sutton Play Project around the commitments of my teacher training university course. We go to parks in the Plymouth area on weekday evenings, provide play days during school holidays as well as visit a local school to deliver free play activities for children.

The importance of play in a child’s development cannot be underestimated. It contributes significantly to their physical, mental and social well-being and helps them to build communication and problem solving skills in a social environment. Ourselves as play rangers and parents take tremendous pleasure in seeing children enjoy the activities and clearly learn skills that will benefit them in school and the real world going forward.

Regrettably, the funding for the project is coming to an end and there are no imminent plans for it to be renewed. Our equipment and van is looking rather outdated too which is not helping the cause.

It’s rare that parents get a chance to go to a free event with their children nowadays and the project is loved by all of our community.

We want to keep on helping children to develop so we are appealing to you generous people to help us out and any donation big or small would be hugely appreciated. These will enable us to continue without the lottery funding and begin to upgrade our play equipment and continue to supply the much loved sessions.

Thank you for reading.


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